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  • From mobile
  • 23 hours ago
  • #944726

I used Suave Coconut shampoo and conditioner. Made my hair really dry and fall out in clumps!! I never had this problem before with any other product. Will never use their products again! It should be pulled off the shelves!

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Suave Made my hair and my kids hair fall out. OMG Scary!!! I am trying to comb her hair and it keeps falling out . AM crying here. Who do I need to contact . ? This has been a very horrible experience. Its her birthday and she has lost so much hair . I will need to get the authorities involved. I am taking pictures for my Lawyer. Suave Made my hair and my kids hair fall out. OMG Scary!!! I am trying to comb her hair and it keeps falling out . AM... Read more

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i seventy brought suave from family dollar and when i got hame to open the product up its was not really coming out but what was coming out was like watery lotion! so i opened it up and it was extremely clumpy and and watery i tried to return it the next day but they told me that i needed the proof of purchase which i didn't have so they told me to fill out a online complaint and or call them but they have NO WAY OF CONTACTING THEM ONLINE. which... Read more

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I have been using Suave Cocunut oil shampoo and conditioner for 2 months and my hair is falling out. I have areas so thin, you can see my scalp. It pissed me off, when I googled it and found others with hair loss complaining. Why is it still on the shelves?

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 12
  • #917570

I hate the gel shampoos. I can only find one cream shampoo and I look everywhere I go. I would hate to switch shampoos because Ive been using Suave for over 20 years. Bring my cream shampoos back!!

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 12
  • #917559

I will never use your Suave professional shampoo again. I got some in my eye for the first time and my it was stinging so bad. I rinsed it with plain water but it still stings. You need to change the ingredients in your shampoo so other people will not have the same horrible problem. You have lost me as a customer.

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My 5 yr old son tried new Suave Kids Purely Fun 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner and got some of the product in his eyes (as kids do). He screamed for 20 mins. I flushed his eyes with water for 20 mins in the shower but his eyes remained BRIGHT red and highly irritated for 30 mins during and after. The Suave bottle claims hypoallergenic and says "No Tears". I did not expect this kind of a reaction and was very alarmed. I called the Suave health line... Read more

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Good morning I have used Suave products for years. The products are awesome and I have recommended them to others. I am also in need of assistance. On November 5 the company I work for will be sponsoring a conference for at risk young ladies. A pampering session will be included in the event. I am asking if your company would donate shampoo, conditioner and any other products that would help them feel better about themselves. My name is Marcella... Read more

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I dont need to be contacted, i just wanted to give you a good review. All my life i am blessed to say i always got compliments and was even voted most beautiful hair in my high school senior class. Today at 51 im still using Suave products which keep my hair soft, silky and shiny just like it did in my teenage years. Thank you and it didnt cost a fortune. Betty mccloud Logan, WV Read more

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As a Mother I never Like to Doubt Brands , I always do reviews and backgrounds of them ; These past days I've been showering my Daughter she would cry and cry like in Pain , As a mother i thought it was her Teething since she has A Top tooth coming in and has been real fussy and tired alor lately ; When I wash her hair is when i notice the crying always begans I always thought maybe she was still hurting from her tooth and I noticed when she... Read more

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