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I started using this Keratin shampoo about 4 months ago and just 2 months ago my hair started falling out! I never had hair loss like this!

I could go weeks without cleaning out my brush, but now I have to clean it out every time I use it! I've clogged my tub up twice with hair. And when I can, I catch the hair before it goes down the drain and started to collect it in a bucket because I want people to see how much hair I'm losing! This is not including the times before i started collecting it which wads of hair have been thrown away.

I have had gorgeous long hair my whole life and now I have to keep cutting it because my ends are Sooo damaged and my hair is getting so thin I'm terrified and angry! I love my hair and trusted this product to do what it was supposed to, instead it has been my worst nightmare! I wouldn't wish this on anyone! And if I was able to, I would rip them off of every shelf and put a bio-hazard sign on them!

I don't want to go bald! I'm only 21! It's not fair! I may have to buy a wig or extensions!

I can't even wear my hair down anymore because it's so noticeable. So I have to hide what used to be my favorite feature in a bun! I am so upset! I'm scared to even comb my hair because I don't want to see how much more hair I'm going to lose that day!

Help me please!

Before I go bald!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suave Shampoo.

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the same thing has been happening to me! I had no idea until I started looking all this hair was fine already and I bought this because its written all over how good it is for your hair and stops friz and makes it nice and shiny and I thought it would be safe or why would it be on the shelves.

At first it was nice, then its all falling out and my hair looks horrible. I have been thinking I was sick, I need meds etc going crazy researching and asking all around - Ive been talking to doctors etc. I think it was these causing it now and I have been using them everyday thinking it would help and its what is killing my hair. Now what do we do?

You buy products to make you look and feel better about yourself and this makes it worse and you feel horrible and cant do anything about it? why are these products allowed on the shelves, why is the fda approving things for us as safe and things like this happen and where do we go for help. isn't that their job or why they are there to regulate this stuff. I am losing trust quicker by the products out there time after time.

No warnings its all marketing. sure its fine for some to use, but where is the full disclosure it might be very bad for some. I see now that I am not alone. I wish we could do something about it.

I should have done my homework I know, didn't think I had to for shampoo & conditioner. I have been crying about this and now trying everything to hide what is going on. I don't want to go out or to work without extensions or my hair pulled back or a hat etc. sad but true how you look DOES make a difference even though its not supposed to we aren't supposed to be so vain but that is reality.

trying so hard not to let this ruin things. Yeah it will grow back hopefully by next year, what until then. This sucks how we have to feel about ourselves. really wish there was a majic pill to make it stop - don't even know how long until it subsides or will it get even worse, a lawsuit would be nice but what good would that serve - money helps but how you feel about yourself matters the most not money.

I enjoy long hair and try everything out there for years trying to keep it long and healthy like fighting wrinkles etc, this stuff just ruined it. I don't want short hair but looks like I have no choice now. again, if I had an accident or something, things happen - I get that, but this was strictly bought to nourish my hair, not ruin it - there is something completely wrong with advertising & all, and again I feel this is sorta my fault for not looking into it, but stupidly I believed the tv etc, and thought someone out there was looking out for our best interest - WOW.

can suave and whomever makes this stuff even apologize or acknowledge us with problems now or is that too much to ask - thanks for the space to rant. good luck to all


Yeah, I read about that. But I guess I'll be ignored.

The damage has been done, the only way I see to fix it , at least in my case, would be fore them to purchase rogain and other products to grow my hair back and full like it used to be. It's not fair! And my hair seems like its not even growing! I'm furious!

I'm still losing hair! I'm about to post before and after pictures! It'll be shocking to you all. I just got through washing my hair 10 minutes ago and clumps were still falling down.

I cried. This is such a big deal for me. My hair was my security blanket.

I just want help! Please!

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