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Have you changed something with your product.

I have been a customer of your product for the last 20+ years. I purchase your hair products and have not had any problems with them until recently.

I like your extra hold hair spray in the pump bottle. The last two bottles I have purchased in a row have been a problem. I can only get two to three uses out of them and then the pumps freeze up and only a stream comes out of the nozzle and then I can't use the pump anymore. I have tried to clean the pump with warm water and it doesn't seem to help.

Have you changed something in the hair spray it self or have you gone to a cheaper pump?

Something is not working here and needs to be changed. I have two full bottles of hairspray that I can't use.


I use the aerosol cans and I'm having the problems. 2 full cans completely unusable. Will no longer be purchasing there products.


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