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I purchased Suave Keratin Infusion. I used it as instructed and now my hair is falling out and I am going bald.

I wish I had done my homework and look the product up but I trusted it. Please be warned not to use this product it is not Keratin it is Hair Straightener.

If you plan on using it look it up before you do. Go to Youtube and search for Suave Keratin Infusion and look for the picture of a plastic bag with my hair in it and play the video if you are still thinking of using

Product or Service Mentioned: Suave Shampoo.

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I experienced the same thing. VERY scared that something was wrong. I have overall thinning and a HUGE (tangerine sized) bald spot on the side of my head.

Naples, Florida, United States #602397

Anyone can have an allergy to anything, even products they have used for years. Don't use it anymore. End of concern.


This product sucks...Im now bas need attorney so we can sue!!!!

to krista schoo Morrison, Oklahoma, United States #939416

You are an ***

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