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At home we used Suave Kids until yesterday.We bought the shampoo 2-1 swim & sport and clearly says on the label TEAR FREE.

Not so! My daughter is 3 years old and I washed her head yesterday and suddenly fell just a little bit of shampoo in her eyes and she started screaming complaining that her eyes were burned. I wipe her face with a ??towel and she continued crying for several minutes. I rinsed her face with water and her eyes burning sensation continued.

My girl had red eyes for several hours.

Thanks God she woke up without burning complain today, because yesterday was a nightmare ...I'm not going to buy Suave products never again

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1214675

suave products are all garbage. I'd switch to something more higher quality. The same for White Rain.

West Tehama County, California, United States #1022054

I had the exact same experience with Suave Professionals Men's Citrus Rush 3 in 1 Shampoo/Body Wash.The product burned my eye while showering and sent me to the E.R.

My eye and eyelid were red, swollen and very painful.

Diagnosed as "Acute Chemical Conjunctivitis." The pain was not gone until I woke up the next morning.I would advise everyone to be extremely cautious about using Suave shampoos/body washes.

New York, New York, United States #928226

It looks like you beat her, you *** Nig!Don't try to pin it on Suave!

Child beater!!!!!!!!

It's people like you who go around trying to get money from companies that are a problem in this world!Get a job and stop having ugly babies!!

to getalife2015 #985472

Your username is very ironic.You tell people to get a life, yet here you are.

Sitting on the computer typing hate messages to people on the Internet. You have no idea if this is false or not, so you can't accuse someone of child abuse if you've never met them. If the child HAD been beaten, she would've had many more bruises on her and her eye would've been darker, almost purplish, but certainly not red.

The only reason to have red lower eyelids is because of a rash, or the blood vessels inside her face had burst in that area.This is a very beautiful child, that I am sure will do wonderful things one day.

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