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I have since contacted Clark Howards consumer action department where someone told me to contact the FDA, CPSC,and gripvine.com. I have also found pissedconsumer.com helpful.

I have done all of the above and I contacted consumer watchdog.

I also went onto the good housekeeping website and looked up suave keratin infusion smoothing treatment where I found an article and they did not list which brand, but it was about an at home keratin smoothing treatment and said it was to risky for them to test in their lab so they passed on testing the product. Again they did not list the name of the brand BUT it was an at home over the counter product.

Original review posted by user Feb 10, 2012

I applied the first out of 3 tubes into my hair and within minutes my hair was falling off in chunks. I immediately washed out my hair with more chunks coming out into the bath tub.

I put the second tube on because it is supposed to seal the cuticle then I flew into my hairdressers salon on to have her chop ALL OF MY HAIR OFF (Approx 6 inches) and she told me that she had never seen hair do this before. I still have a good 2 to 3 inches of very damaged hair that need to come off but that would leave me with no hair and I cannot afford a wig or hair extentions. I emailed suave through there website only to receive no response. I then went onto amazon.com to read reviews on this product(where I found another horror story about the exact same product) and suave had left there email address for the lady to contact them.

I emailed the same address and someone called me from there consumer service department. I explained to her what had happened to my hair and she said that out of "good will" they would refund my money.

I told her that I did not feel they should sell this product over the counter in stores and she told me they meet FDA guidelines. This product is way to strong to be sold in stores.

Location: Culver City, California

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This product should be taken off the store shelves immediately.


I HAD beautiful bouncy long Italian hair, sometimes though I would get some fly aways, and living in the desert it's been getting dry. When I saw on TV the commercials for the Suave Keratin infusion treament, I was led to believe it was a deep condiotioning treatment.

I have never permed my hair, and very rarely color. After using this product from ***, I had to cut off about 6 inches or more from my hair, It looks and feels like dried weeds, dull, no bounce, it has been fried. I've been in a life changing mode with health issues, losing loved ones, losing work...things are tough, now everyday I'm anguishing over my hair, it takes hours to make it look alright.

I've spent so much money on products to repair the damage.

I'm really sad about my hair. This is a bad product, the advertising is very misleading.

Unilever gave me my money back for the kit, and 2 coupons, I don't think that's sufficient, I'm spending money on hair products that I normally wouldn't have had to were it not for their damaging product. AGHHHHHHHHHH


I would really like to tallk too one of you with a horrific experience and see how you are coping. Can you post phone #? My nnightmare began with six inches and goes on....


I bought the suave smoothing system too and it fryed my hair. Since the treatment my hair seems to be falling out and it's course.


There needs to be a lawsuit against them for destroying peoples hair. This is corrupt.My hair is competely ruined.

Women relate their identity to their hair. It's not like you can even chop it all off and it will look good. It is destroyed to the roots.


sharon w Yij

I agree please look at my post and see the pictures.

I have a video on youtube showing my hair and have taken pictures of my bald spots.

Had to go to the doctor and get a topical for my scalp because it hurts.

Suave called and said they would pay all my bills doctor meds etc and will pay to get my hair corrected. To late none of that will replace my hair that has fallen out and it still is coming out.

I have hired an attorney who is going to represent me against Suave.

If you decide please do not give up you will have to make a lot of calls before you will find one. I am going on Thursday to sign the Attorney contract. :cry


so have any of you found anything to help your hair? I have had 4 inches cut off, spent $200 in professional conditioning treatments, $75 in damage remedy products and it still looks awful!!!!


I am the type of consumer that reads consumer rating before buying products. However unfortunatly I did not do so this time and unwisely trusted this product.

The result is gummy and irreparable hair. I had to go to the salon and get my hair completely chopped off. I am so upset mainly at my self for not reading the reviews before using this product. I have had keratin treatment done at a salon and it does not damage your hair, it does the opposite.

This should not be on the market. Why did the FDA allow this on the shelves? It should not be sold as a keratin treatment it should be sold as a relaxer so people can make an educated choice.

I am going to contact several law firms regarding this issue. Wish me luck!


I also used the product to make my hair look good for a wedding the coming Saturday (4/28). Used it on 4/25 and it looks fried and it feels like I have a lot of hair missing.

I'm so disappointed and don't know what to do...I had natural curls and know not only are the gone but my hair looks like the middle of a corn husk. :cry


DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! I had to have 12 inches of my hair cut off and lucky that my stylist didn't have to shave my head due to the damage/burns from Suave Keratin Kit.

I have tried to speak with someone at Suave too many times to count with no success. I was however' told that this product is really intended for "Virgin Hair" and they need to change their labeling. YOU THINK!! Please tell everyone you know, it's not worth the risk!

I hope this helps anyone that is thinking of using this! There needs to be a Class action suit brought against Suave if they do not get their labeling changed/corrected.


1st of all, I am so sorry for what you all are going through. I cannot imagine the horror. I was curious if any of you did a strand test before you started and if so how did it do????

Also, can you use cuticle treatment in step 2 without doing the relaxer in step 1. I have fine mostly straight hair and bought the kit to get rid of the frizzy ends.

Good Luck!!!!


Unfortunately, my daughter had the same horrible experience. She is graduating from college in a month & wanted to have beautiful hair.

Now she has extremely damaged hair that broke off in different lengths. When she was contacted back, the woman told her that this is a RELAXER with keratin in it. It doesnt say relaxer or is advertised as a relaxer because we never would have bought it.

So now we are dealing with trying to fix her hair. What a mistake using this product


I just bought this product but something told me it was too good to be true. I decided to research it and I am glad I did! I'm so sorry you all had such terrible experiences :( I will be returning the product first thing tomorrow because I'm not taking any chances.


yes did the exact sane to my hair :( like its melting off at the tips!!

Angela T Vqw

April, this is Angela from the previous post. I used mayonnaise, egg and olive oil mask on my hair for 3 hours, washed and saturated overnight with Moroccan oil.

The next day I washed out and added more oil. I am now using L'Oreals absolute cellular lactic acid repair cream everyday after washing, rinse out, towel dry then add more Moroccan oil. Finally my hair has stopped snapping off and doesn't look melted at the ends.

I will try and give it 1 more Weeks growth before cutting a few inches off. Hair is so thin now it needs to be cut!


I saw the commercial tonight for the first time and ran to the computer to get information about it. My manager at work had this done by a professional so I was excited to see it out there to do myself but then I read all the heart breaking stories and not just one or 2 but lots and lots of them.

I teared up at every story and there are other websites w/ worse stories. I feel so bad for all you and pray that you are able to get through this. I am pissed that this product is on the shelf. Sauve, you suck for not doing the right thing and pull it of the shelf.

You are not gaining a thing from this, I see lawsuit all over you.

Shame on you! If it's so great, go out and put it on your own hair and see what happens.


I used this product today and my hair looks and feels awful. I just googled the product to see if there is anyway to revive my hair and what to do and come across this.

For those of who you had this bad experience, have you found anything to put in your hair to remove these chemicals and to restore its oils and health??? help??


If you go swimming, protect your hair by tying or clipping it up, and do not let it into the water. Swimming pool water and seawater can both cause damage, because the salt content can strip the keratin treatment from your hair.

Nor does it say you should be an ADULT....over 18. Many teens are trying to straigthen their hair.


There should be a class action lawsuit and I would join, my hair is fried, I have bald patches and more is falling out everyday!

alleynonomous S

Qasserras I am so sorry.From my own experience, and I know its not what you want to hear, there is nothing you can do. Once your hair is damaged it just has to come off.

I am letting my hair grow before I cut the rest of it that needs to come off and it is FRIED but I cant deal with no hair at all. I have bought conditioner after conditioner and hydrating hair masks I was willing to try anything and everything and I have!

but my hair is still fried from using Suave keratin smoothing treatment. Good luck to you and if you find the "miracle conditioner" please let me know!

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